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Anand Raj Bhandari

Leader. Coach. Consultant.


Values ​​shape attitude, attitude shapes thinking, acting and feeling.


Openness - wanting to understand without judging

I listen actively and understand, undisturbed by self-interest and claims to power.


Trust - consciously risking to be disappointed

I sow trust knowing that control breeds insecurity and distrust.

Reliability - keeping to agreements made

I consistently practice reliability and authenticity, unveiling the potential in people.

Courage - saying what I think and doing what I am convinced of

I combine behavior with attitude by thinking and acting in a value-oriented manner.

Speed ​​- weighing up pace and responsibility

I account for rapid progress that deliver lasting, valuable results.

Born and raised near Cologne, I have been living in Hamburg since 2005. As a business graduate from the University of Mannheim, father of a school-age daughter and son of an Indian entrepreneur, lifelong learning is one of my deep beliefs:


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." (M. Gandhi)

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