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"Growth and competitive strength can only be achieved by consistently activating the employees' potential."

If you care you do. And, if you do you care.



I will guide you through the transformation and turn resistance into leadership.

Leadership only arises if there are followers:

So why should employees follow their leaders?

Only if it is also worthwhile for the employees!

With my international management experience at executive board level, I offer you tailor-made advanced training in "evolutionary leadership". In this context, digitization, agile working and new work stand for upheavals that can only be mastered through a new understanding of leadership. In this "VUCA world", my leadership work focuses on agile leadership, self-leadership and self-care.


I coach your leaders and use the undiscovered potential of your company.

Coaching means that the coachee remains responsible:

So how can the coachee take responsibility for using his or her potential?

Only if the coachee feels safe and remains able to act!

As a professional, internationally experienced coach, I accompany your employees individually and in groups. Unerringly, I reveal the skills, potential and motivations of your leaders. With a large selection of tools and scientifically recognized methods, we will find the right solution for you.



I advise you at all levels and take your company to new levels of evolution.

For me, consulting is evolution: when do you need the next leap in evolution? Only if you are really interested in the meaningful, sustainable further development of everyone involved in your company!

With my decades of experience in change projects and transformation processes of small and medium-sized companies as well as in corporate groups, I know the difference between selective "Heave ho" projects and evolutionary development towards new growth curves. Based on my innovative concept, I enable you to consciously and consistently generate valuable results instead of discussing poor performance.

Jump with me to the next level of evolution!

Tell me your next challenge and we will discuss your options, confidentially and openly

Thank you for your trust!

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